I am invisible man

in #mobile2 years ago

Title might be confusing,but due to mobile data connection issues I am not able to be do my usual online activities. Actually I have internet provided by my UK mobile operator but it plays up a lot - Esteem (hallelujah!!!), Gmail,my online banking and different messengers work perfectly while at the same time the other websites (such as hive.blog) and apps (#Actifit, Sweatcoin and media streaming) couldn't be opened. I have been in communication with my provider for 3 weeks already but the problem is getting worse now.
Initially I thought it was my phone device as I changed it recently. Then the issue appeared in the new device so I presumed it was faulty SIM and now the problem transferred to the other two SIM cards in my group. The operator denied the fault is in their end,but it looks like it. At least they do their best to sort out this strange behaviour in their mobile data.
Anyway I am not be able to be active in hive for a while nor I can post my Actifit reports (unless I start using free WiFi). Hopefully I'll be back soon. Stay safe everyone!