About me

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I look forward to sharing my shoots,recipes and more with everyone on hive.
Things about me
1- I am Canadian
2- I am a model
3- my favourite colour is blue
4- I am vegan
5- I love baking and cooking
6- I want to buy an RV and live on the road


Welcome to hive 😘😘

Welcome to Hive, lady. 😊

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Welcome to HIVE.


I am sure @heyhaveyamet can do a intro for you!

All the best with your blog

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hi cieransheard ,,, welcome my frieind ...

Welcome to hive :D

@cieransheard Hello and welcome to Hive.

You can make an Introduction post with first tag "introduceyourself" (without the quotes) to get more attention and boost your account a bit. Cheers✌️

Nice to have you here 🤗

Welcome cieransheard!
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welcome to Hive!

Very beautiful picture of you 🥰🥰 thanks for sharing!


Welcome to the community. I caught you at #6 although #4 was a close call :)


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Hello from England, welcome to hive.

i love vegans and i need to be more vegan, i love this photo too, nice to meet you

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Welcome around here! Have a !WINE :-)

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You beauty. Welcome dear