Some Key Takeaways From The Development AMA With David Liu, Lead Blockchain Developer At Mogul

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David Liu is a blockchain developer and is in charge of smart contracts, Blockchain integrations, and mogul platform architecture.

In a recent development AMA session at the mogul community which had him as guest, Liu talked about the major roadmap and development at mogul. You can find a recap of the AMA on mogul blog here. However, in case you are not free for a long read, below are some key takeaways from the session.

  • The development team is actively working on the quadratic voting and movie nft module, nft market place, and the mogul smart wallet

  • The team is also working on building different bridges, polygon infrastructure, smart contracts, and fiat onramps amongst others which will be released gradually over the next few months.

  • Bsc, eth, and polygon network integrations are used together to create bridge for stars on the respective blockchain networks.

  • The team’s focus is more on ensuring mogul’s products are user-friendly especially as more Hollywood and non-crypto people will be joining the platform. Hence, the products will be easy to understand and use.

  • Mogul, being the first Blockchain voting protocol to determine offline event (movie making), has unique staking and voting system.

  • Mogul smart wallet contracts are already completed, audited, and currently being integrated by front and back end teams.
    -Mogul smart wallet is secure, recoverable, and is username-based to ensure easy access to defi

  • Anyswap is used as a bridge to transfer stars tokens between bsc, polygon, and mainnet (ethereum) networks.

  • Mogul draws inspiration from top projects for its key features. Its staking inspiration is drawn from Sushiswap; its nft market is inspired by Opensea; while its governance system is inspired by Compound protocol. These projects are currently the leaders in their respective niches.

  • At request, Liu also share his technology stack/ development tool which are as follows:

Blockchain (Smart Contract integration)

  • Hardhat
  • EthersJS
  • WaffleJS
  • TypeChainSome sneak pee k of major upcoming features on the platform


  • React, using Create React App
  • Strict Typescript usage
  • Strict static code analysis + automatic formatting (using ESLint + prettier)
  • Storybook
  • TailwindCSS (replacing “CSS Modules”)


  • Strict Typescript usage
  • Fully containerized using Docker
  • Strict static code analysis + automatic formatting (using ESLint + prettier)
  • TSOA for API layer documentation + request validation + API client generation
  • Custom (domain/module based) service layer
  • MikroORM as a db abstraction layer
  • TSyringe for dependency injection
  • Postgresql for the database
  • Github Actions for continuous integration & deployment
  • AWS Beanstalk for horizontal scaling (new from our previous issues)
  • AWS S3 for file storage
  • Terraform for infrastructure management
  • Jest for unit + integration testing (using supertest)
  • Sentry in the backend & frontend for error reporting
  • Netlify for frontend dev + production deployments

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