Please help Stefan Molyenux join 3Speak!

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Unbenannt 2.JPG

@stefan.molyneux just got bannend from Youtube yesterday. 14 years of work, just gone. Unfortunately he did not use the opportunity to check out HIVE. Maybe you can help?

I just wrote him on flote.

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Hope @starkerz and @theycallmedan are on it as well.


Apparently he does not have noticed the Fork and started posting only to Steem. Some Hiveans are on it, but more comments are surely helpful. So far he tries posting on, dailymotion, bitchute and fromer Steem Dapp dlive.

"Crisis can be a productive state, you just have to clear the taste of catastrophe."


4 years ago, I was guest in his Call-In Show. You can find our talk on 3Speak.

I am not sure why he isnt on here, he is on LBRY and BitTube already I believe, maybe cucky sun scared him off?

I think he has an account and was fairly active here but can't really recall what drama ensued, possibly rewards related.

Oh I see now you linked to his account.

Lol his a bit of a twat but I'm sure he'll find a place to land eventually its either 3speak or LBRY for more of these peeps