Stopping my powerdown (on hive)

in #money6 months ago

If you had looked, which I guess most do not(which is ok), you would have seen that I was on a Powerdown of my account here on Hive.

There were a few reasons for that

  • get some more BTC
  • Keep diversification
  • take advantage of liquid HIVE to trade spikes for some more HIVE

With all my accounts I am roughly on 20k Hive which is enough for now and I really do not want to get any lower. I spent over 2 years blogging and buying and trading to get that much Steem which ended up giving me that much HIVE. If the token takes off in the Future I believe that 20k will be more then enough to provide

  • a nice extra for my pension (only 23years to go)
  • an equivalent to a wage to be able to enjoy life a bit more in the mean time

If the token does not take off for one reason or another and goes to 0 then I might have lost some money but I guess that is part of why I put some back into BTC. That is also the reason why I am going to keep powering down my Steem until I hit roughly 10k Steem. It might be Tronified for now but that does not mean that Justin is not decent at marketing and that he does not want to make money out of pumping his Steem stockpile.

My activity on Steem will

  • be such that I aim to take out my investments and let the profits ride. This choice is purely financial especially in these troubling times (I believe we have seen nothing yet)

My activity on Hive will

  • be simple. Being part of this amazing community we have built over the years and hopefully help it grow. Hence my eagerness to keep most of my tokens


What is everyone else planning?
Are you treating Steem as just crap to get rid of or as a possible money bringer in the future?

Hopefully you did well out the 5K SATS pump with all that liquid Hive.

I haven't PDd Hive as aggressively as you but I've still diversified and have a lot more BTC and Splinterlands cards than I did this time last month, which feels right.

I'm gonna let my current Steem PD go all the way down then make a decision on the 1.5K I've got left, which is delegated to Qurator. I'll probably take it down to somewhere between 500-1000, I don't trust the place.

I'm shitposting on Steem to milk it for monsters cards!

yea, you are still getting my full vote on steem... I should be posting more pics of random stuff on there as well

I'm selling off my Steem and going all-in on Hive. Most of what I have was earned, so it's not going to wipe me out if it goes to nothing. I want this platform to succeed and will do what I can to make that happen. Not that bothered about getting rich.

well, you did put in the sweat equity if you did not put in the cash and that should be worth something in my opinion. I just got a bunch of Steem to sell to BTC and sent that to my celsius app to gather some interest

It's been fun and that is worth something. Plus I bought some stuff with Steem including two trips to Steemfest.

I am squeezing Steem as much as I can, I don’t trust Steemit, neither the witnesses nor how everything is evolving there.

I do not trust steemit either but I do trust their greed and that will help power it up. that and the fact that the biggest part of what is left is from the east so they might work on a centralised system.