Multilevel Marketing

in #money2 years ago

MLM programs are popular all over the world and I know a lot of people who are part of some kind of MLM program.

Some have made some money with these programs but a lot have lost a lot of money. Most programs are scams.

Today I was at a restaurant having my lunch and I overheard a conversation two people were having about a MLM program.


I have a general dislike for such things because only the early joiners make money and those coming at the end lost everything.

I remember one of my friends was having financial problems and a MLM guy sold him dreams of earning a passive income, a car and trips abroad. My innocent friend was impressed with the offer and his greed took over. He took a loan from a shady loan shark and ended up paying a lot of money.

As they went on having their conversation I caught so many red flags and I could feel another poor soul being trapped into greedy schemes.