A critical look at anarchy-politics Part 1

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Is anarchy a legitimate political theory?

This is a question I have been thinking about for quite a bit. When I was a boy I went through the goth phase and use to draw anarchy symbols on school lockers. I never really thought deeply about the context of my actions though. Growing up I start to understand the reasoning behind anarchy as well as the criticism of it. I will forewarn this question is very bias and I don't feel like my answer is universal. This is rather my current understanding. The tides of power move like a pendulum back and forth. I believe anarchy is on one end of the spectrum as a polar extreme to totalitarianism. If you push the pendulum too far one direction it will move just as far the other direction moving slower back and forth until finally reaching an equilibrium much like force. Moving between order and chaos in an unending cycle. It is this expectation that I conclude my bias towards fundamental anarchy as a the final remaining step before fascism itself.

The definitions

This discussion needs some given information to continue just so there is no confusion. I’ll discuss power and its role in politics, the use of restriction in politics, the rise of anarchy in the west, and the major contributors to the anarchist movement. Anarchy, like most social sciences, is not a single entity but rather a conglomerate of many thoughts and ideas so I am going to focus on the fundamental, rather than a full literal, interpretation.

In part 2 I will cover Power

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