A critical look at anarchy-politics Part 2

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Michael Taylor, political theorist, states that power is the limitation of options. It is commonly misunderstood that power exists solely within the political realm however power is only the tool in which one uses to oppress another albeit it economics, politics, religion, and many other sociological means. It ranges from the slight suggestion to the use of physical violence.

The study of divisions of power is what makes up politics. Politics is 50% power and 50% restriction from my understanding. There is no form of politics in which power is absent totally. This is because power is built into the first principles of human nature. We see power being displayed from our parents and/or children, our relationships, our careers, to even our own pets. Power is not a 4-letter word, but like all things in life has the potential to be abused. Without power the domestication of humans would not be possible resulting in a regressive and primitive human society.

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