ENOUGH! The Middle Class Is Being Forced To Subsidize The Stock Market. By Gregory Mannarino

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Oh yes. A rate cut will be wildly bullish for the stock market, and further steal from the middle class in terms of interest on accounts and the dollars purchasing power. The middle class has been subsidizing the stock market for over a decade. Enough is enough. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/trump-still-livid-with-fed-despite-central-banks-dovish-policy-shift-2019-04-03?mod=mw_latestnews


Thanks again, Gregory. There is more and more talk of negative rates.

While setting the stage for a huge bonus for Wall st.... That sounds logical since they own the CB.

They'll end up owning half the stock market like the banks/government does in Japan before this all ends. It could go on for years or end tomorrow. We have no control over it as you all already know.

Perhaps you should run for president and TRULY clean the swamp and fix this mess Greg.