I Made My Quota

in #money2 years ago

Rough week but I made my quota. My car "broke down". It had a low brake fluid light come on and it came at a bad time. It was just a $15 sensor and only $75 for a shop to replace it.

Screenshot_20210228-211118 (1).png

Sunday 2-28-20



have a nice day and don't let the car break down

The car is like a woman, always breaks down, have a good day and a great mood

Making more money with crypto!

How much are you making?

A good deal over 500K during the last 3 months.

Wow! Do you still have a regular job?

No, I got fired in November. Company = game over because of COVID.

That sucks. Do you get unemployment?

I think the banks are getting into crypto.