Love the texture of the hair against the arc background. Nice shot. can you be more specific about the location? Not exact, but something more specific. I used to live in LA...

Thank you. The location is south of DTLA. Vernon Ave and Santa Fe Ave. Lots of interesting location around there.

Oh yeah, that's roughly the area I was thinking. I used to ride my mountain bike from my apartment in Hollywood all the way down around that area, and others, and I remember some cool murals scattered all around that region. I used to make a day of it, and go "library and cafe hopping", and shoot photos in the process, so I understand your motivation for shooting down there (I think). I would usually make my way to East LA for some nice, cheap Mexican food, and the vibe there also. Lots of interesting "scenes" in LA if you are intrepid (as most photographers are)...

That's cool! There is an adventure at every corner. Yah that area has a lot of character.

Congratulations. Today's #monomad first place is yours. Thank You very much for participating.

Awesome! Thank You!