Moonbot for Minnows - A great start in maximizing your returns on Steemit

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I'm writing this short post as an encouragement to newcomers in the Steemit community who are disappointed in the slow returns they yield from their efforts. I get it, you spend all day and all night crafting your article to the best of your abilities, but they only give you back a few cents.

I'll just get straight to the point now - sign up for @moonbot if you want consistent returns.

You basically pay 4SBD to @moonbot, and they will give you unlimited upvotes for 30 days. A few weeks ago, each vote from @moonbot amounted to about $0.40 but I'm not sure about right now.

PWS shirt.png

Anyhow, here's a tip to avoid being spammy or encouraging spam contents on Steemit.

There's a Steemit version of 9gag called Dmania where you get to upload memes. Memes take only a fraction of the time you need to write an entire article and are generally more lighthearted and entertaining. Post some quality memes to avoid spamming your followers, and at the same time enjoying the returns from your @moonbot subscription.

The Calculations

Let's just assume that each vote you get from @moonbot is $0.30 (reduced from last time because I'm not so sure about the fixed amount), multiply that with the quantity of memes you can churn out in a day. If you are disciplined enough to craft 10 memes a day for Dmania, that's $3 a day. If you want to make money out of meme-making, hurray!

The Controversy

Because Steemit is a decentralized platform and there's no one authority to control spam contents, the community itself regulates what's an acceptable post and what is not. That means, if you're too annoying spamming all the way, you have a high chance of getting flagged. When that happens, say goodbye to your reputation and rewards. So don't do that. Also, ultra short content are highly frowned upon so please do not abuse the bot. The purpose of bots is to HELP minnows get a hang of how to earn some returns.


And oh! I'm so going to use these drawings as my footer for all my post from now on. Credits to @pinstory and @coloringiship for drawing a cartoon and a portrait of me!! Please check out their work; they are super good in what they do and they do it for a living.

PWS shirt.png


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