πŸš€ πŸŒ•πŸ“° NEW game to pump your Adrenaline πŸ’–| Play and earn INSTANT DIVIDEND payout after every game ! moonSTEEM Introduction

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What is moonSTEEM ?

It’s a simple game that starts with the line moving upward, gaining higher multiplier over time and the line can crash anytime. To WIN you need to cash out before the line crashes. Of course the longer you stay, the higher the rewards. If you didn’t stop before the crash, you lose the current round. Play on moonSTEEM.com

How to play

  1. Login to moonSTEEM.com using SteemConnect
  2. Before each round, there’s a preparing time of 5 sec to place your bet. Minimum bet : 1 steemies (1 STEEM = 1 million steemies)
  3. Enter the β€˜auto cash out’ multiplier value ie : 2
  4. Click β€˜Place bet’ and wait for the next round to start
  5. The line will start and continue to rise until it crashes. Player(s) whom take profit before the crash, get their bet with multiplier at which they cashout. Player(s) whom didn’t manage to cashout before the crash, lose their current bet.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 12.36.14 am.png

Key Highlights

  • Instant Dividend payout after every game
  • Anyone can play, even without deposit, just use the unique feature of the Steem blockchain (voting power), upvote @moonsteem posts and/or comments for 'FREE' steemies to play and chance of mooning your steem !
  • 4 Roles to Earn P&L Shares (Players, Investors, Delegators, Sponsors, details here)
  • Auto betting + Custom betting rules & strategies script options
  • Multiplayer Realtime betting with ingame chat
  • Account statistics to monitor your progress and P&L

Play Now - moonSTEEM.com

How to get 'FREE' steemies

Faucet System, Upvoting @moonsteem posts/comments, you get steemies recharge (beautiful feature of Steem blockchain, your voting power recharge daily so you can play without ever making any deposit) to your account.

Usually takes about 1min to be reflected, you might need to refresh your game page if you’re already login. If you’re a first time player, please make sure you login to https://www.moonSTEEM.com first with steemconnect before you do the upvote. Click β€˜faucet’ to check the steemies credited to your account via upvoting.

*note : changing upvote values on post(s) after you upvoted, will get you ban from faucet system.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.00.07 am.png

Play Now - moonSTEEM.com

Deposit & Withdraw

Min Deposit/Withdraw : 0.001 steem = 1000 steemies
Max Deposit : 100 STEEM per account per 24hrs
Automatic withdrawals limited to 10 STEEM per account per 24hrs. Above that limit, withdrawals will need admin confirmation (usually less than a few hours, depends on load).

Limits are TEMPORARY, and will be increased gradually until there are no more limits.

Bonus Offers

  • Claim Your 100 FREE steemies to try out the game [new players]
  • Resteem this post [7 days bonus] and tag 2 friends [3 days bonus] to get a share of the P&L (promotion)

If you reside in a location where gambling, or betting over the internet is illegal, please do not click on anything related to these activities on this site. You must be 18 to 21 years of age to click on any gambling related items even if it is legal to do so in your location. Recognising that the laws and regulations involving online gaming are different everywhere, players are advised to check with the laws that exist within their own jurisdiction or region to ascertain the legality of the activities which are covered.

The game provided by moonSTEEM is based on blockchain, provably-fair, and transparency. As with all gambling, there’s entertainment value for the thrill and it also carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of these risks and go with the amount that you can afford to lose, Be responsible and don’t overindulge.

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So is this basically a gambling game?

Stated very clearly in the disclaimer that @moonsteem is a gambling app.. Even so, It's fun just to play the game and feel the adraneline as you anticipate when is the best time to pull out and if the line will crash and all your dividend goes poof.

I say, Don't expect to "ROI" from the game.. try it for the heck of it. Troll in the trollbox and just generally have a good time. Same advice to give to someone walking into a casino.

What would be my ROI if I decide to delegate?

it's a Tron Dapp.. not Steem so i dont know if you can delegate

I think i was drunk.

What? How can MoonSteem be a Tron dapp? Weird... why not MoonTron?

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hahaha! Sorry for that.. I must have mistaken MoonSteem for another Dapp.

It is a steem dapp. But I don't know what's the ROI for delegating to it.

But hey, why bother delegating when your current strategy farms you way more steem? LOL

What’s the ROI for farming?

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try it to find out!

No thanks; since you aren’t willing to tell the ROI, that’s mean is very small.

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Ugh been so pre-occupied with daily life this week! But I'll get back to a simpler moment hopefully this coming week to play some more!

Tagging @zord189 and @oleg326756

too to be busy ! even better when you're busying mooning your steem =)

This is an awesome game to pass the time.

yea hav fun playing and chatting !

Yeah, especially because there's a chat and you can just hang around :)

Hi everyone, there's a game server issue currently, thus game is offline. Please bear with us while we isolate and troubleshoot the problem.

Wish I found this post sooner. Thanks for the update!

Instant Dividend payout after every game

Can I withdraw from my P/L balance every day @moonsteem? Does this negatively affect the bankroll or your investment balance?

I wasn't sure so I never withdrew anything.

It would be cool to withdraw small profits every day.

when its positive you can withdraw.

i like moonsteem

to the moon !

Thank you for the faucet

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Thanks for the upvote πŸ‘πŸΎ

to the moon !

@pawpawpaw @moncia90 che in caso usate il mio ref

Dopo gli Steem persi con magic dice...ho smesso di scommettere. Troppa fatica buttata al vento. Grazie del suggerimento comunque

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Si gioca anche gratis

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try it!

Β 5 years agoΒ (edited)Β 

I like the game, although I cant spend time playing it as it is illegal for me... @meemee, @pangoli you guys need to try this out.

So is the faucet output amount correlated to vote size or not?
If so, what's the relation?

I wonder if that is fair too.

yup according to vote size

And the relation?

hi, what will i win if i invest? I do not underestand it!!

replied on discord

bellissimo questo gioco.

is addictive, it's the true

have fun !

it is agood topice.......
Claim Your 100 FREE steemies to try out the game [new players]
Resteem this post [7 days bonus] and tag 2 friends [3 days bonus] to get a share of the P&L (promotion)
Actually it's a great thing, it's a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy it, thank you for making this post...


Β 5 years agoΒ (edited)Β 

I am a @moonsteem fan and try to play the Game each day to add to my STEEMMIES

thx man ! /hug moon your steem everyday !

!bookkeeping moonsteem

Hi @bigpanda!



  • 822.449 STEEM
  • No related SBD transfer were found.


  • 2045.000 STEEM
  • No related SBD transfer were found.


  • -1222.551 STEEM

still waiting

!bookkeeping moonsteem

Hi @bigpanda!



  • 992.449 STEEM
  • No related SBD transfer were found.


  • 2195.000 STEEM
  • No related SBD transfer were found.


  • -1202.551 STEEM

!bookkeeping moonsteem

doesnt work yet

Hi @niel96!



  • 0.000 STEEM
  • No related SBD transfer were found.


  • 51.814 STEEM
  • No related SBD transfer were found.


  • -51.814 STEEM

This is a great game! @detlev @cicisaja

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thx 4 sharing

No problem I’m really enjoying the game!

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It's exponentially exciting!!!!!

definitely ! even better with friends =)

I think that I need to try itπŸ€”

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try it !

Upvoted, resteemed and tagged:


thx gogo go

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More and more games on Steem platform. Very interesting :)

steem on!

This is a great game! @detlev @cicisaja

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Fun to bet and get reward,

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try it

I remember bustabit as it shows the same game UI. Niceee.

lets moon !

I'm addicted with this game... make me feel like a real genius gambler on mooned!

Thank you for such a lovelly game. invested my steem on this and was excited and mooned too. thanks @msowner1 and @mswner2 foor your kind assist on @moonsteem

Feel the CASINO with MoonSTEEM, WIN & get FREE SPIN at:



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