3 Simple Acts of Giving That Gives Meaning To Your Life -2

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I was at a point in my life where i realized that i was living in circles, like waking up, going to work, come back home, watch movies and then fall asleep only to do the exact same thing the next day?

The truth is, without purpose things feel meaningless. And if you want to leave a purposeful life you have to Give, you don't need to have finance to Give, give your smile, help, your kindness and many other things not associated with money.

Life isn’t just about staying alive. It’s about living for something better purpose a bigger cause. To connect with your desires, excitement and things that are relevant to life.

For more depth check my previous post, to complete the points to giving as one pathway to a successful life

Giving To Your Loved Ones as Frequent as Possible.

When we create possible connections with others, it give us happiness and meaning. It's okay to spend time with friends, but this is only increase our happiness but may not have a lot of meaning than deepening our relationships with our loved ones will. Reading that story with your child before he/she sleeps, having dinner together with family and lots more… simply just doing something nice for or with your loved ones, with complete presence and attention.

Giving To Your Community Everyday.

Lastly, although this may seem like a call for volunteerism — and it is, you can arrange with local charity to have an engagement within your neighbourhood on a regular basis. This is a no-brainer rapid fix to injecting relevant and sufficient value into your life.

However, the act of giving to your community that I am talking about is way simpler — like giving a smile to your neighbours, or the janitor in your office, everyday. Even better if you could commit to random act of kindness regularly.

These conscious acts of giving will transform you from inside out as you expand what you care about, beyond yourself and those you know. This expansion also brings about a deeper sense of place for you which gives meaning.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — Pablo Picasso

If the meaning of life is to search and discover your gift, you have found it because you have the gift of love and kindness inyou, we all do. And you can give is not for you to keep to yourself it must be given away every day — to yourself, to your loved ones and also to your community, as your meaning, your purpose. And slowly but surely, you'll know how much your impact has improved you.


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