Secrets to long lasting happiness.

in #motivation3 months ago

Happiness is a strong path to long life obviously, making a decision to be happy means you are making the decision to keep your sanity. It is more than necessary to look out for the things that make you happy and stick with the path of happiness constantly. I want to share some of the strategies that will help boost/maintain happiness for us in this post.

  • Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
    You come in contact with some set of people and every minute of the time you spend with them, will keep you smiling all through the day, it is very wise to stay very close to people like that because your happiness will be enhanced, instead of staying close to people who constantly and regularly have something to complain about and are always sad. If you do not have the capacity to cut ties completely with the people who are regularly bitter, then just reduce your activities with them.


  • Reduce worrying.
    Most times, we are extremely concerned about what the future holds for us, that we deprive ourselves of the genuine happiness associated with each day. Even if the situation of the day to come appears really scary, try to relax and focus on the present moment. Extreme thoughts about the future will do no good, it is only the things we do that will change the fear of the future that we have, do not waste your time and emotional worries and fear of the future as it will deprive you of your current happiness.

  • Stop the comparison.
    Comparison is a big stealer of happiness, desist from comparing yourself with others because constantly, you will always feel disappointed in the fact that you are not good enough. Concentrate more on yourself and your ability to achieve things, think about the level of growth you have been trying to achieve and let your path towards success be visible for you to follow. When you are your own greatest competition, it becomes really easy for you to think about the next level of growth to be accomplished.


  • Reflect over the positive things in your life.
    It isn't possible to have only bad/sad occurence in your life, regularly take time off to think about the good days, the little good things about yourself, it may be your cute fingernails, your nicely shaped nose, the fact that you have a roof over your head, amongst other things, when you have a heart filled with gratitude, it becomes easy for you to stay happy.

  • Become more social.
    Getting isolated and lonely will highten your feeling of sadness, you should go out, socialize, meet new people and smile more often, this will guie you towards a sure path of extreme happiness, at the end of the day, we were not created to be lonely or isolated.