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Every gift has potential to be harnessed to attaining greatness. Thus, every man has the potential of being great because each man has his own unique gift.

Your existence has a role to play in another's life. Always remember that a lot of people will never fulfil their destinies if you don't fulfil yours; you are born to born.

Many people only exist on earth but few people live; your primary purpose on earth is to live and not just to exist. Becoming a valuable person should be your vision in life.

The world only recognizes the uncommon because the world is always in a hurry. Thus, you will never be recognized if you are too common. Don't be a common man.

The only way for you to have an uncommon mentor is when you are an uncommon protégé.

Never present your problem to people but present your project. No one is interested in hearing your problems.

Endeavor to tell people your vision instead of your needs.