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Great Minds,

Let's talk about having plan B, yeah it is not a bad idea at all to have a plan B, in fact it is encouraged in most cases. Wait! what is plan B? It is the alternative way, another option should the first option fails. That is another possible means or way out.
When planning you will be asked or you ask yourself what if this one fails what will I do? Now this question does two things , it either encourages you to think fast and come out with something else or it creates fear and makes you want to look to the alternative in the event of any small deviation from the original. As in it stops you from pushing ahead and giving in your last ounce. It is this second effect of plan B the drives me to put up this article.

The story below further buttress this facts and stresses the evils in having plan B.

Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly a plane across the Atlantic, from New York to Paris (nonstop) in 33 hours, 30 minutes, made a statement when asked by the press after the feat. He said "At a point I contemplated going back, but when I checked the fuel guage, I realized the remaining fuel could only take me across, not back, so I continued."
From the above story, this great record wouldn't have been achieved if the pilot had alternative like carrying extra tank of fuels or if he had alternative landing from his destination .

a. Nothing destroys focus like alternatives.
Yes alternatives shift your focus from the real thing the moment we are tested.

b. Nothing frustrates the success of plan A like the consciousness of plan B. When you have options, it confuse your choice, you gamble with the alternatives,

c. If there is an alternative to your dream, then trust me, you will soon abandon the dream. The plan B kills the fighting spirit, and forces you to look back.

d. Pursue the dream as if there were no alternatives. Narrow your focus; deal with distractions.

e. Keep your eyes on the main thing. It may be hard, but it's achievable, if you don't abandon it for the alternatives.

f. Hardship is not a proof that God disapproves of the pursuit; even gold goes through fire before it becomes gold. Don't loose your dream, focus and goal because you thing can survive should you not able to achieve it. Pursue your goal as if its the source of your survival. Bear in mind that you are able an that nothing is impossible and surely you will get there.

Thank you for reading

Live sweet and enjoy live .


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