Learning As A Lifestyle

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It has been said times and again that "learning is living". This directly means that someone will virtually start to demise if they stop to learn. The thing about learning is: no one ever knows it all; there must be something new to add to your knowledge base on a daily basis. As long as you interact with people, you will pick up something new in terms of knowledge from them. Everyone and even things can be a source of learning for you.


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The point when you decide to quit from learning is the point you will start to lose relevance because learning is synonymous with dynamism and employing constancy to it will defeat the aim. It is true that knowledge cannot be wasted but it will pay you more to get knowledge that will help you to flow with the trend of the dynamic world.

If your knowledge has no real life application and you cannot use it to solve any real challenge, then the time you spent in acquiring it is almost a waste. The major purpose of going after knowledge is not to remain in stagnancy but to become a better version of yourself. For the fact that no one knows everything that needs to be known is more than enough reasons to keep learning. What distinguishes people of the same class is the level of knowledge they possess.

The truth is, as you learn new things, not only will you consolidate on the good old knowledge but you will discover how little you have known. This is the reason learning is initiated at birth, continues throughout life, and ends at demise. You will agree with me that what you know now were not born with you but you had to learn them over the years. On a truism, the brain structure of a child at birth can be likened to a "tabular rasa" but as times goes on and interactions occur, knowledge and learning will take place.

Your relevance in this insanely competitive world is tied to your knowledge. Have you ever wondered why many blue chip companies look beyond certificates when they conduct recruitment exercises? Obviously, they are interested in knowing the level of knowledge you possess and what you can deliver to the table, instead of which certifications you have.

Knowledge is something that is practical and not assumed. As a matter of fact, assumption of knowledge is one of the worst things anyone can do to themself because it will lead the person into the illusion of perceived knowledge. At this point, the person will think that he knows everything whereas he is virtually empty without knowing it and without feeling the need to know it.


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In everything you do, try to figure out what to learn from it. No matter how rough or undesirable a situation is, there is something to learn from it - at least it can teach lessons. Learning from first-hand experience is good, no doubt, but it is far better when the knowledge is acquired from other people's experience.

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