Keeping the kids entertained during lockdown - Colouring pages

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Hi Hivers,

So anyone with kids bouncing off the walls during this lockdown knows first hand they need to keep those little balls of energry entertained or the entire house will be a bomb site within hours. Motocross and Supercross kids even more so as they are used to wearing themselves out at the track at least once a week.


Luckily, giving a child a little bit of focus can aleviate this and as a designer myself i remember spending hours playing games like Space Hulk, Warhammer 40k or similar Games Workshop stuff.


Even more time was spent building and painting the minatures though and i could lose myself for hours at my desk painting and modeling it was great. I guess that is how i developed my focus and honed my artistic side.


So RacerX have helped out all Motocross/ Supercross parents and released a set of colouring pages of all their motocross heros for the little ones to lose themselves in colouring. You can download the entire printable PDF set here or just save the images below. Enjoy guys!

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This should be fun, passing to my friends who have frantic children.

Nice one @macchiata 😃

Great ideas. Going to do this with my kids. We have been panning for gold here in the kitchen.
I’ll make a post about how to do that. It’s tons of fun.

That sounds epic haha 😃 I wish i could pan here... would just get clay and old tissue though 😂

This is pretty good idea to colour those motocross action drawings, kids may enjoy to do it.

Hey, adults are allowed to as well @sheikh27 😁

Hmm, my pleasure 😊

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