Everybody is a hero

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A movie by the name of 2018 was released yesterday. It is a movie based on the disastrous floods in Kerala in the year 2018.

I am yet to watch the movie but I have lived through the disaster on which this movie was based.

Usually, we see movies like San Andreas and Twister and wonder how they managed to represent the actual disasters. Jude, the director has done a superb job in trying to recreate the 2018 floods for the rest of the world.

The reviews are positive and people who have watched it are requesting everyone to do so from the theater instead of the OTT platforms. The movie is declared a hit because it has succeeded in portraying the situation along with the emotional elements.

It was a time when everybody was a hero.

It is true in terms of Hive too.

Our very own Hive witness @bobinson worked hands-on in the main camp and between all the chaos, I remember his wife was awaiting their baby. @bala41288 also worked from Chennai and even sent funds to be used for distributing food and other necessities. There were also other helping hands like the Malayalee hiver from Canada.

It was the time when people forgot their differences and worked together in saving people from drowning and relocate them to safer places. Those who were healthy enough to withstand the continuous pouring of rain went for volunteer work and helped distribute food, save people, and help donate food, clothes, medicines, and other stuff.

I am sure that if I watch the movie, I would be moved to tears because it will bring back memories of the fear of seeing the water approaching and flooding everything - our fields, the well, the trees, and plants and reaching our doorstep. The water was cold of course and there was continuous rain but more than that was the cold and chill air which reminded us of a dreary fate if we did not relocate.


My friends and family were worried but we were more worried about leaving everything and going and this worry was what made many others like us stick on and they had to be airlifted by the navy with the help of helicopters.

I am sure many people might have faced such floods but remember Kerala is a water bomb that sits on 37 dams. I really hope that we do not face such a situation again. The water was so deep that some places even saw floating snakes, crocs, and whatnot.

The most badly affected were those near the sea because their houses were flooded beyond repair. Those who lost everything - the corrupt politicians grabbed all the donations and not much was distributed. That is why I requested donations and we bought stuff and helped as many as we could. I was also given a bundle of clothes from Punjab and those were given to nurses who lost their houses. I also helped my classmate who did not even have spare cloth to wear. All those memories are too sad even to remember and I am not sure if I will go to a theater to watch as it may be too much for me to bear.

if you can, please watch 2018 if it happens to be played by an OTT platform. I am not sure if the movie will be available outside.


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musibat ke samya he dekha jata hai koon apna hai or koon praya. 🙂 trailer dekh ke he thora ajeeb sa ho gya hai, mai jarur dekhunga ye movie.

Thank you Bhatt. I am also scared to watch it because it will bring back the fear.

Yay! 🤗
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I finally saw the movie. Very well made one!