Why Don't You Just Die! - Theatrical violence inside a Russian family's apartment

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A regular policeman is in his apartment eating his breakfast without anything to worry about in the world. In a few hours though, his apartment is going to endure a massive bloodbath and tragedy!

This policeman has a wife that he treats with some respect and an adult daughter that despite her age is still incapable of earning enough money to sustain her life.

The first visit that disturbed this man's morning was that of a young guy who apparently came to the house to visit his daughter. This guy has a hammer hidden in his pants for reasons that will be revealed later in the film but he is decided to use it and this makes him nervous.

The film will show us why so many people came to this apartment on the same day, and how each of them ended up participating in very violent acts. This is a story where there is treason, and I would say a bit of black comedy as well.


Since this is a Russian movie I didn't know any of the actors, the policeman did a good job portraying his character though. He was my favorite one. This is not the type of movie to be taken seriously because when there is violence it doesn't look realistic at all. There is one very funny part where a shotgun is used against a person and the body instantly shoots out in the opposite direction! That part made me laugh ^^

Have in mind that the degree of violence, blood, and even some gore might prevent some people from enjoying this film. It is not a hardcore movie in any sense and some of the fight scenes are turned funny thanks to its obvious use of theatrical techniques.

If you enjoy movies from Tarantino, you will probably enjoy this one although its plot is not as interesting and most of the story itself happens in the past as we see why the visitors decided to go to this apartment. The only events that happen in the present are the violent ones.


The best

  • It had some good black comedy scenes.

The worst

  • It was more violent than what I would have liked it. There is also a bit of gore.

More information: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7672068/
Review: AAA
In numbers: 7/10