Coffee - 20sbd giveaway - help yourselves and help a friend

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First 40 to vote resteem and comment will get 0.5sbd each. And this great song is a bonus.

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Woah! I'll really like to get this great song!

Thank you!!

@amirl you are doing great and great song i vote you dear

interesting music :)

Lovely song!

Thanks! Please resteem :)

באיזה פורמט הסרטון? אני מנסה להעלות גם לדיטיוב ולא מצליח

לוקח שעה להעלות משהו, זה עדיין מתיש אבל מקווה שזה ישתפר

You have a great voice tho i cant understand the song.If it is hebrew i hope my mom is here so she can translate it to me.

vote resteem and comment all done
cool song

Hi amirl.. Nice to see you here.. Thanx for sharing.. I read some of your previous posts and i like it.. Looking forward more from you

Thank you so much:)

Thanx amirl receved your gift.. You are kind hearted man

You are welcome.. Have a good day..

Good morning/afternoon/evening all :)

Good to you too. Thanks for the nice vote. Sent :)

Thank you! Have a wonderful day :)

wow i like coffee thanks for shearing

Nice one bro

Voted, resteemed and commented! :)

Thank you you're so kind😊

God bless you more for your kindess😊

This is great.... Thank you very much

The song is really interesting...I have already upvoted and resteem...thanks for the great opportunity

Thank you for help and coffee)))


I love this song though I don't understand Hebrew language... I'm Afrikaan

wow really great

Whooaaaa!!! Nice @amirl 🎧🎵🎶🎵 🐠🐠


שיר נחמד חח :)

קיבלת אפווט, ריסטים.

I don't understand the language but you have a nice voice sir :)

thank you!

Buen trabajo, aunque no puedo enterder la letra exitos

Wow !! Helping a friend indeed

Thanks for this great opportunity

Great song :)


Great, it's a big help for many.

Sent 0.5sbd

I don't understand the song hehe but I hope its good hehe

Are you really giving sbd 😅😅😅 did all what you said

Thanks for your kindness

Thank you

Wait, really?


<3 Thank you.

The song sounds interesting. Though I don't understand what you're saying in it.
What language is that?


Glad you like. Would you resteem?

Up voted and reestem for you. Kind regards

hello @amirl
Nice to meet you.

I am new to steemit, so through this I am thinking of trying to highlight a lot of good work. Trying to express myself through a post on my blog. You come back once,

if it helps me to help me with it.

Let me have something to do, resteemit my post.

Thank you.

Can I be the last one of this giveaway?

Upvoted, Resteemed, and Commented!

Sent you. Enjoy ;)

Want to resteem?

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