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Alright people!
CoinMarketCap updated the rest of the numbers for Muse. The official website and block explorer still need to be changed but at least we have accurate numbers!

This also provides us with a real Ranking. Muse is currently ranked as the 311th coin on CMC. Woohoo!

Let's make it to first page (top 100) and that means our market cap need to increase six fold.
Not a small feat but we haven't even begun advertising yet!
Not to the artists, not to the crypto world, not to the music consumers, not to anyone.

Also, we have exchanges picking up interest in the project so I see Muse in the top 100 in the short term.

Until we get listed elsewhere, here is the current Muse market:

Stay tuned!


CMC just updated the website and block explorer links.

Wow,great news bro...I hope this coin will go moon


nice @cob.
this will greatly help us to access the muse.

This is very nice
thank you muse
thank you very much @cob

There are 2 coins I follow and expect to rise. These are MUSE and STEEM. Both will come to very good places. I like that. I think these should be the first two addresses on investment.

i have no doubt that those 2 coins will go places, but others might do even more in the meantime

Hell yeah! Great to see all this happening and to think there is no advertising. The real beauty will just be the network effect when all the artists on the platform start telling everyone about it. Can't wait to see more exchanges and hopefully Binance one day.

The running week (March 21-22) the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg will host a Blockchain & Music Hackathon. During this two day event registered participants will be taking part in a "Music Portfolio Challenge" to build a blockchain-based music platform. According to the website this will be the task at hand:
Create a decentralized platform for the registration and distribution of content (in our case: music) that certifies the authorship and license of any digital creation. The platform should be able to create unique signatures for every piece of content and verify rights and transactions with three basic functions: 1. Register content metadata 2. Issue smart contracts 3. Use of a cryptocurrency.

The above sounds very much like what we currently have in MUSE. Ok, lets take what they are trying to do at this hackathon and compare it to MUSE. The first goal of task one is to enable easy access and distribution of music. If we go to the MUSE website we can find that it states.

thanks for this update. I'm particularly excited about the interest you are getting from exchanges. Once you start getting the word out I do see this as a top 100 because the niche is so perfect.

dude yes, more exchanges will be amazing. So freaking pumped for Muse

Good job Cob, it's getting better and better!

I am happy to request list muse on Binance bittrex...

CMC just updated the website 😃

It is huge! Finally, you can now use the GUI to load metadata into the museblock chain.) Integration of existing Muse wallet. The wallet has been rewritten as Angular.js and can now be part of the RMP (written as Angular). This means that both standalone and RMP can be maintained and managed as a single code base. Therefore, the currently maintained React.js wallet will eventually be replaced by the Angular version.

i appreciate with you

Muse is amazing project and going to boost this year. The collaboration between OpenLedger, CCEDK, MUSE, and PeerTracks shows that innovators would like to change the legacy architecture of the music industry. The tools are there to start experimenting with a new system, and distributed ledger technology will help drive this transition. With OpenLedger and CCEDK anyone can access its fiat gateway which allows users to buy and sell MUSE for U.S. dollars with its OPENMUSE/OPEN.USD market. This will resolve issues with volatility in the industry.

thanks for information... @cob

Great job done by impressed..good initiative to exposer to will helpfull to the new users too.
thanks for such a good topics.

MUSE (MUSE) has 311th the largest market capitalisation among cryptocurrencies currently. Its Market Cap equals 13.85M which accounts for 0.0051% of the whole cryptocurrencies market. There have been 18.08M Coins mined so far. Trading volume in the last 24h has increased which suggests an high interest in the instrument. MUSE price is very highly volatile.
Resteem your post...i love muse.Thank you Sir

It is quite reasonable that the price is $10 before the complete product comes out

Muse lacks large capital and venture capital wages to join

I have already submitted to the mtoken exchange and asked them to update the information.

I never heard that. And I'm already old enough for this. But in the future I will collect information that will be useful. I thank you for that.

Thanks,you will like it !

It is great Muse is ranked 311th rank and yet not advertised nothing at all.....seems its future is going to be bright...
I have heard about this Muse before .....and i remember i got the positive feedback about it.....
If it starts to advertise what will happen .....everyone knows that it will catch up the whole new dimension and will rise above all....
Thanks for the post...
I wanna resteem it...

thanks sir for sharing details about muse.

If i have to invest somewhere else it could be only on muse because just like steemit it has the tendency to dwell in future... Hope these two show great hype in the coming months...

wow ,, this is an amazing achievement.
muse will soon enter into 100 big cmc.

I'm sure the muse will get better.
muse for all.
all will love muse.
nice @cob.

I am voting muse

muse has entered the rank 311 rank cmc
this is amazing @cob.

an excellent improvement from the muse.

I've seen the muse here:

I have already voted and commented on the muse.

I really like muse
because muse to the world.

the muse is very nice.


This is great news! Thanks for the update @cob.
Things really look like they are falling into place for MUSE!

Seeems like a nice place to invest. Thanks for the info

Great news. Looking forward to Muse in the top 100!

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Do you mind linking me to a Steemit post or website that will tell me what Muse is?
You were randomly self voting on one of my comments and I discovered. Plus the name resonates with me. I’d like more details, please.