How to Escape a Cult That's Taken Over the World. Pt.3

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____Step One____

Know you're not crazy,
Know you're not alone &


____Step Two____

Choose your leaders Wisely

If you establish a realistic goal and maintain focus on that goal, no 'controlled opposition' or 'shills' can stop us. Getting to know our comrades with teach us who we can trust as leaders.

____Step Three____

Actually, we're not there yet... Sorry.

Instead, I want us to face an ongoing challenge throughout this entire process. Through every step of the way, it's going to be essential to keep our spirits high. Knowing we're not alone is sometimes just not comforting enough. We put so much energy into these protests that when we leave the company of our warrior friends, we can get frustrated and lose sight of what we are actually gradually achieving.

We may not see the old normal come running back to us in every aspect of life, but we are building each other up and expanding a network into a community that will be strong enough to abandon the new normal together. But along the way, when we've retreated and are reflecting and we need to feel that energy,

Let the music lift you.

"Dancer Encore" is a song written by an arts group in Avignon, France as a rejection of the notion that their work is "non-essential". This 30 minute Documentary on how this song ended up being translated into more than 10 languages as it spread across the world being performed in "flash mobs" and during protests, freedom rallies and Liberty minded gatherings is just a demonstration (in the form of entertainment) of what we the people are capable of when we come together, standing up for ourselves and each other. Do not underestimate our power to recreate this movement in other formats.

My Gran wrote the story of how her parents met aged 16 in a hospital on Easter Sunday 1916. Many of the stories are set at parties and jigs because they were so regular among the rebels that took our country back. She was also an arts director, and she used to say all you needed to start a revolution was an Anthem that united the people.

Here's the English version:

There was also an English version performed in Castle Roche, Louth, Drogheda and in Galway. I wonder if this could reach our people from the Gaeltacht could we even have an Irish translation.

Here are the English lyrics translated from French.

Dance once more...
Everybody wants to dance once more...
We don't want to be bound by chords...
Have our thoughts tied up in knots by yours... (x2)

We are as free as birds in flight
We challenge the lies we hear at night
We won't obey your regulations...
And in the morning in all nations...
You'll hear us shout our consternations...

And in the evening on TV
When the announcer says to me
We've found a newer variation...
New rules for delectation...
Wear your mask at the station...

Dance once more...
Everybody wants to dance once more...
We don't want to be bound by chords...
Have our thoughts tied up in knots by yours... (x2)

On a train and on a bus
What a kafuffle, what a fuss
Crazy rules we have to follow...
Will this madness end tomorrow?..
This is becoming hard to swallow...

And all the stupid rules they make
All the news they give is fake
All their promises are hollow...
And all the money that we borrow...
Well it will end one day in sorrow...

Dance once more...
Everybody wants to dance once more...
We don't want to be bound by chords...
Have our thoughts tied up in knots by yours... (x2)

Don't let the politicians say
It will be normal again one day
Human rights are fundamental...
We the people influential...
Singing and dancing instrumental...

The elite have had their day
Politely ask them to go away
Loving and happiness are central...
We're becoming transcendental...
They still claim it's accidental...

Dance once more...
Everybody wants to dance once more...
We don't want to be bound by chords...
Have our thoughts tied up in knots by yours... (x2)

Feel free to copy and paste and print the lyrics above, for yourself or to give your free warrior friends.

Now for some extra fun, recommendations and playlists to keep with you for whenever you need!

Here's an Irish comedic jingle on the ridiculousness of the past 18 months.

The Playlist

You can follow the playlists linked above or use the list below to create your own!

Since we're on the blues lets have a little more!

Paul McCartney's with us.

Bon Jovi too.

And Richard Ashcroft

Even David Hasselhoff seems to want to get in on the action.

If you like rap, or even if you don't, if you like hearing the truth put bluntly, you'll love this.

Some more Oldies

I recommend this one for whenever you get harrassed for showing your beautiful face.

And Some Real Classics

How Could I Forget the Reggae

Roaman has become a favourite of mine with some music that Youtube and Spotify won't host, so you know they're good! Find him on Instagram to hear the songs he writes making fun of lockdown restrictions and those who try to enforce them.

Some Dance Worthy Tunes

These next three are a little more slow.

Hey, sometimes you have to get all in your feelings.

Some Classic Rock


Rage Against The Machine

Don't tek da vaxeen

Just a little seed makes a big tree...

Keep doing what your doing. Keep your spirits high. We will win this. Together.

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I'm watching the protests in Paris on the news now. They seem very promising!
Do you think one victory in one country can make the rest of the government rethink their choices, especially in Europe where everything is related? Or is it every country for its own?

As much of the pressure is coming from Brussels and the EU, I don't think any one country within can even have an impact alone. I think it needs to be all of us. Then again, I don't think any politics is going to solve this problem. I don't think they have any intention of ending this. If the people rise, they will simply try to be more discreet about their plans. Perhaps delay them a bit. But they won't stop. We have to become sovereign.

I saw something the other day:

Robert Johnson: King of the Delta blues.
Eric Clapton: King of the Delta variant.


Hi Beanz I didn't know you were back! Welcome back! I'm glad you are reunited with your old followers, we always remember you in the Venezuelan community, well the few of us that are still left from when we knew you. I hope to see you here again. I send you a fraternal hug! 🤗