Man Hong Introduction

in #music6 years ago (edited)

What's up guys! My name is Man Hong. A beatboxer with the stage name — Hongman. It sounds like a superhero isn't it, it's actually the reverse version my first name. Given by my workmate. I work as a waiter in a restaurant, but I'm trying to make performing my full-time career.

How do I found out Beatboxing

When I was 16, I saw Shawn Lee (Malaysia Beatboxer, Global top 8 2008)on TV. It amazed me a lot, I decided to find some ways to pick it up. And I found some tutorial on YouTube from Fatking.

I am currently committed to the Beatnation x Steemit so you guys can catch me at @beatnation! There are a lot of talents over there, check em out!

Also, I am currently performing at open mic Malaysia every Thursday at The KL Journal hotel for free as practice. And yes, I'm planning to head to Penang for a month to busk there. Do check me out!

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