VALID PLAN the song i am most proud of, and enjoy playing the best.

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VALID PLAN is a rock song written by me David Emanuel and Ian Barker from Daydreams4rock - David wrote the music and guitar parts, and Ian wrote the lyrics and sung on the recording. You can hear it for free on the link to Reverbnation below.

Check out my album art it is from painting I painted called 2 days which was a favourite of the paintings I did in 2011.

I also released this song after recording on cdbaby, iTunes and amazon in 2011.

VALID PLAN Albumcov.jpg

Please have a listen and let me know what you reckon about my music?

I really value the opinions of people I don't know.

I am a Australian musician and artist who formed Daydreams4rock in 2010 and released 9 songs with 3 different singers during the next 2 years.

All the music and some of the lyrics are written by me, and my singer Ian Barker is well known as a solo artist and blues singer in Sydney's northern beaches.



#teamaustralia @teamaustralia how are you guys doing ? Is there a problem with liking my post(this post) ? I have been a member for a long time. Best Regards, David

It looks like a few people have liked it but the arse has dropped out of the steem price so the upvotes are worth less than they were a few days ago. When the price drops the people seem to curate posts that will pay the most as a priority. I never voted that way as I mistook steem for a social media platform and just voted for posts I like and people who reciprocate regardless of the curation payout, as a result I never made any headway here.

For what it's worth I upvoted it.

thanks man - your a good guy who has taken the effort to watch out for me - I have little time for Steem anymore but keep a small amount of content posting and reading a few blogs to see if anything changes. Looking forward to the new EOS social network but I still think this could work if people did like you do and checked out some content --my wife and I are contemplating moving to Perth, where are you?
rock on my friend -David

Yeah it's a weird dynamic here, in some respects it operates like a pyramid scheme where the lower tiers feed the higher ones. If you're not in the right group then it can be tough to even get any feedback. I'm almost over it too.
I'll listen to your music over most of the crap they play on the radio these days. I'm not far from Newcastle, all the best for you and your wife if you do decide to go to Perth. I went there about twenty years ago to try and get a mining job but I blew my knee out and ended up back in Newcastle.

thanks mate - we live in Sydney and are having a holiday in August in Port Stephens. Keep rocking - here is a link to nearly all the music I have ever recorded , I had hoped to make a album but it never got finished 3 different singers - all guitar work and composing by me - all the best, David