Motoko Doodles X DJ Lethal Skillz (NFT on ICP & DJ Lethal Skillz Collaboration)

in #music2 months ago

Motoko Doodles Groove Cover.png

Thrilled to announce a collaboration with the amazing "Motoko Doodles" NFT project on the ICP blockchain!

This vibrant fusion of music and art is inspired by the incredible creations of a father-daughter duo (motokodaddy) making waves with their colorful and imaginative artwork. Each track on my brand new EP, "Motoko Doodles Groove," takes inspiration from a different Motoko Doodles character, crafting a unique sonic adventure that reflects the joy and creativity of their work.

But that's not all! Starting May 4th (Star Wars Day!), a brand new "Motoko Doodles Groove" will be dropping every month, keeping the fresh beats and artistic vibes flowing your way.

Mark your calendars, get ready to groove - it's gonna be an uplifting, chill ride! Join me on this journey into the world of Motoko Doodles!


Check Motoko Doodles NFT Collection: