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The World has been hit with a real opioid crisis with the large flow coming in through all ports hitting the cities and weakens its people. However - That is not the challenges we need to focus on - Anyone can get off their OPIOID addiction, First you need to WILL it - then you need to DO it - and then you need to NEVER DO IT AGAIN!.

My Doctors are sheep in wolves clothing! - As soon as they could, they prescribed Opioids for my back pains

I know what I talk about, because I have been hospitalized 4 times and over 8 years been fed OPIOIDS by my doctors like candy. If my Pain increased - they would just up my doze and make me more dependent, saying : "These are the medicines that keep you alive" - and "It is impossible to get off Opioids without other Opioids derivatives like Methadone and Rehab Centers" - Bullshit! - They say that to KEEP THEIR MONOPOLY OVER ME! - And I Called their Bullshit because after 8 years I Decided to Walk off the deep end of 8 years of constantly using OPIOIDS prescribed by DOCTORS - and I DID IT! AND IT WAS EASY!

When they say you cannot - challenge it by doing what they say you cannot do!

After 8 years I walked off Opioids by myself simply by reducing my doses every day for 11 days and on the 12th day I had no urge and I have never touched it nor allowed any doctor to even prescribe it nor even talk to me about its "benefits" to my spinal cord pains from two injuries in the past.

After 8 Years I walked off in just 11 days, and this is how I did it:

Day 1 : Reduced 50 doses into 25
Day 2 : Reduced 25 doses into 12
Day 3 : Reduced 12 doses into 6
Day 4 : Reduced 6 doses into 3
Day 5 : Kept 3 doses
Day 6 : Kept 3 doses
Day 7: Kept 3 doses
Day 8: Reduced to 2 doses
Day 9: Reduced to 1/2 dose in the morning and nothing more.
Day 10: Reduced to 1 pill - very small dose
Day 11: Had no urge for even another pill - skipped it.
Day 12: Packed my syringes, my unused stash and gave it away to a cancer clinic.

Have not used it since, have no urge for it, no need for it no lust for it, their bluff was the spoken words about how dangerous it is to get off Opioids, their bluff about methadone subscription for many years - to keep you paying their system of bluffs!

This Song is a rough reflection of the state of opioid addiction - I am a living proof that you can walk it off and never look back!

Trust me - there is an enormous force behind Opioids and the pushing of it on the population, once they have us hooked, they tell what to do, prescribe more, tell us what to do, prescribe more - and keep us down until we either run out of money or turn to street drugs and eventually overdose or underdose (yes - underdose is a word you will not easily find in any dictionary, but basically it means that once you have a tolerance level you cannot quit in one day and go cold turkey, because your body is used to central stimulates - basically, your body is not used to being itself so you cannot go off opioids cold turkey you must do the 11 days dose down in order to give your body the time to adjust to the new normal which is to be drug free and showing the middle finger to the Opioid Industry and all their facilities, brands and faux advertisement about addiction!

Hitting Rock Bottom is not an excuse to stay at rock bottom - RISE!

As an adult I have consumed every drug known to man from A-Z and walked away from them one by one as I took power over them by deciding against them depending on how they were designed.

To be in control over my own body, my own decisions, my own well being is a freedom that I myself needed to take Power over as I had let that Power slide into the hands of my Doctors - and my Doctors were not going to solve the real problem, just pain relief - and they would have continued viciously to the logical end of it all.

Take Back Control

Remember - YOU ARE VALUE!

God Speed on your journey!

I hope this was of inspiration to you!

Now, go and take good care of yourself.

In Love,
@fyrstikken / @fyrst-witness
Whatever did not kill me - made me stronger!


Yo! MUCH REPSECT for sharing your story man.
There is an epidemic across the globe and it is opioids. The BIG PAHRMA collective have been allowed to manufacture pure addiction in form of medicine. The abuse of pain pills often lead to a hard abuse of street level drugs. Heroin has become the go to for those who can not get their relief from the prescription drugs over prescribed by doctors.
I have seen people get hurt and through no fault of their own become addicted to the pills a physician gave them, and then when the RX was stopped, they went to heroin for that true pain relief.
The fact is that the circle of drug makers to doctors pushing these narcotics and derivatives have become the new drug cartels.
I am happy to hear when people escape this lethal habit. Good on YOU!
Many and many more will not be as fortunate unless we do something!
Help a person if they are in this cycle . Let's demand and end to the cycle.
Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you - I am preparing a follow up inspirational and instructional video for those hundreds of millions who are trapped in the system right now and want and need to break free from it.

Let's demand and end to the cycle.


I look forward to seeing this video. One of my first posts here on steemit was about my own addiction struggles. There are tons of ways we could help others here and it makes me feel good to see this type of outreach. The WORLD needs it. I NEED it.

Working on it :) - Give me a day.

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yeah takes a lot to work through it. props for doing so.

I want to inspire people to quit because they can when they will. The how to is already made - just walk it, just do it - and let nobody tell you anything from BIG PHARMA is impossible to get rid of. The psychological addiction is the repetition of the doctors scheduled drug-calendar. They - the doctors - are nothing more but glorified drug pushers. Should have their MDs removed.

Nothing is impossible for those who decide to do what they can do until they succeed. No NA meetings, no Rehab Clinics, No Methadone Program needed - Just #walkaway from doctors and psychiatrist (shrinks who also can prescribe drugs) - they are paid shills, and not the classic doctors. They have no love nor real care for us, I think we all can see that by now.

just got to this and the family behind these pills or cabal I should say I find absolutely evil..... Medicines have a place but they give out like candy. A dear friend of mine I had not had much contact with showed up in her fancy Jaguar on them, she passed out and I am aware of this crisis. Every so many minutes (and it's not many) , someone in America dies of it. Big Pharma pushes this shit on doctors who can care less of what it does to people.

The medical profession has turned into a joke, so many should have everything taken from them starting with their licenses. Amen to this, it's the truth....all of it, every single word

Thats how my grandpa got off medication

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Glad you're clean, buddy. I'm proud of ya, stay strong! I've seen many people fall to this. And many friends die. It is no joke . . . It's the worst fucking horror-show a person can imagine. Congratulations on getting clean! I had no idea you even had an opioid problem, but then again, most people that do, you'll never know about it. At any rate, awesome, congrats!!!

Well played sir, well played.

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they are too eager to be pill pushers and don't care one bit about true healing unfortunately !

Congratulation! We - and especially our intelligent body - are the experts of our own healing. Your mindset is a good example for this process and hopefully will inspire many people! We (and the doctor's) need a new mindset about healing. Why does nobody care about the reasons? We are no machines... We have more power then we think (should think because of the pharma industrie). Thank you for your story! Greetings from Germany Kadna

Good job getting off it.

Are there any dangers for not weening off and instead quitting cold-turkey? I know some drugs (heroin for instance), can literally kill you if you just stop after a while.

Heroin is an opioid. (although these days mostly is cut with fentanyl)

It is dangerous to go off cold-turkey - you definitely have to ween yourself off or it can be extreme hell and usually leads to relapse because the withdraw is terrible.

And yes there have been cases where people have died.

That's just so fucked, I feel bad for people who were simply in a low of their life and made one bad mistake who can never recover from it

You sound like a friend of mine. And after watching your video I am even more convinced.

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Congrats on the path you took to escape that roud, opioids are highly addictive unfortunately and you won't get any inherent benefit aside pain control @fyrstikken

Congrats on the path you took to escape that route, opioids are highly addictive unfortunately and you won't get any inherent benefit aside pain control @fyrstikken

just checking in, seeing if u still about
miss u bud
and thanks for writing this post. it helped me ( and others ) greatly