Before Garage Rock - DooWops! 3 of my Favorite Fast DooWop Songs

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There was a time before Garage Rock (1966) when DooWop music was popular. This is a vocal harmony style accompanied by drums bass and guitar and/or piano. DooWops were popular mainly on the East Coast from the mid 50s until the British Invasion of 1964. Here are 3 Fast Uptempo DooWop classics!

Ly-Dells - Teenage Tears (1961)

This has a fast drum beat with the usual DooWop harmony vocals. The lead singer is singing in falsetto. He is experiencing teenage tears of joy because he set things right with his girl and he is getting ready for a date with her tonight!

Five Discs - Never Let You Go

This song is a real head bopper and toe tapper! The bass singer starts it off, then the falsetto jumps in with a screechingly loud and powerful high note. The lead singer is in normal register. He is in love with his girl!

You belong to me, you know that's a fact! You thrill me when you kiss me, thrills run down my back!

I can hear the tweet of the birds in my ears, whispering she loves you, they say. My heart hops a beat like a rabbit in the fields. I know our love is real!

Then that super high note again! Then a cool sax solo! This is an awesome fast doowop tune from NYC, listen and dance!

Mister Bass Man - Johnny Cymbal (1963)

Another cool toe tapper! Starting with the bass man doing his thing, which is then repeated several times throughout. The lead singer admits that the bass man is the hidden king of rock n roll. He wants Mister Bass Man to teach him to be a bass man too!

It don't mean a thing when the leader sings, or when he goes high - i - ay ay ay ay!

More DooWops coming! Garage Rock too of course!