Blondie - 2 Cover Songs

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Blondie was a huge band in the 70s and beyond. Blond haired singer Debbie Harry is still singing today. She started singing in The Wind in the Willows band in 1968. You can find her singing on Djini Judy and doing backing vocals onMoments Spent from their one released album.

She was the singer for Blondie starting around 1973. Here are 2 songs she and the band covered.

Denis (Denise) - Randy and the Rainbows

Blondie sings this mostly in English but with some French verses as well. This is a supposed Liver performance from 1978 on a Dutch TV show TopPop. But we can see it's a lip sync. Still, lots of nice close ups of Ms Harry.

Of course the original was sung about a girl named Denise, as opposed to a boy named Denis by Blondie. This 1963 Top Ten hit is well known but in case you never heard it, well here it is!

Oh Denise ooo be doo, I'm in love with you Denise oo be doo!

I'm Gonna Love You Too - Buddy Holly

Here's some very cool very fast rockabilly punk new wave greatness, also Live on TopPop in 1978.

The original by Buddy Holly and The Crickets was recorded in the summer of 1957 but released in 1958. That's a long time ago! But the song is fresh and I'm glad Blondie gave it the 70s update when they did the recording above.

You're going to say you've missed me
You're going to say you'll kiss me
Yes, you're going to say you'll love me
'cause I'm a-gonna to love you too!