Bob Seger - East Side Story

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Bob Seger is known for his many hits in the 70s but his music career started way back in 1961! This Detroit rocker had hits like Ramblin Gamblin Man, Get Out of Denver, Night Moves, Old Time Rock n Roll, Rock and Roll Never Forgets, and more. Read more about Bob in this wikipedia article.

In 1966 Bob was in a band called Bob Seger and the Last Heard. They had a pretty cool Garage Rock song called East Side Story. You can read more on that song at this wikipedia page.

The song features a fuzz guitar playing the main riff. It's backed by Bob on rhythm guitar, also an organ, bass and drums. Bob's voice is instantly recognizable. He sings strong and loud.

The lyrics tell the story of poor but strong Johnny who tells his girl that he's got to go out and steal money from some rich folks.

His arms were warm and strong and young. I promise I won't hurt no one.
Oh baby when you gonna learn; those folks uptown got bread to burn.
When they see me flash my knife, they'll be fearin' for thei life!
They won't give me trouble inside, no!

She really didn't want him to go, so she cried, NO, Johnny Johnny Johnny NO!!!

Well she was right to not want him to go do this thing. It didn't go well...

Watch and see what happened!