Donna Terry Weiss - Singer and Songwriter

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Once upon a time there was a teenage singer and songwriter who wrote the two songs we'll hear today in 1965. Her name is Dona Weiss. Later she had great success as the co-writer of the big hit song Bette Davis Eyes sung by Kim Carnes in 1981.

But in 1965 Donna wrote and sung the female lead in the song I Want You which is a pop rock tune similar to Sonny and Cher, sung by Tony and Terri (Donna Terry Weiss). It's very catchy and I included it on my first podcast many years ago.

I never met anyone like you
And I'm tired of doing everything other people do
You know what I want babe
I Want You!

Meanwhile down in Memphis Tennessee also in 1965 The Breakers somehow came across a song written by Donna Weiss called Don't Send Me No Flowers (I Ain't Dead Yet). This is a very fuzz guitar driven song and from 1965, wow! What a Garage Rock classic tune!

Don't send me no flowers I ain't dead yet!
Don't put no headstone on my grave!
She belongs to me and I intend to keep her!
I'm used to getting everything I crave!
I ain't run across yet a girl I couldn't get
When I wanted her!

The ending is kind of funny. The song is in its fade out and at the last second we hear 2 notes on harmonica. :D

I should drop Bette Davis Eyes in here I guess. It's not Garage Rock but it was a big song for Donna Terry Weiss.


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