Don't Give Me No Friction! The Cover and The Original

in #music4 months ago

This is a cool fast Garage Rocker based on guitars, no organ in this one. I was originally familiar with the cover version and didn't realize that there was an earlier version. We'll start with the cover.

The Missing Links are from Australia. They recorded several Garage Rock songs and an album in the mid 60s. Their 1966 version of Don't Give Me No Friction is fast, loud and snotty - one might call it proto-punk!

But one year earlier in 1965, The Green Beans from LA put out what I think is the original version of Don't Give Me No Friction. It is similarly guitar based but has a proto-psychedelic feel to it. Much smoother than the raw version by The Missing Links.

Which do you prefer? The punky Missing Links version or the psyche sound of The Green Beans?