Los Bestias from Argentina 1967

in #music6 months ago

Here's a clip from a TV show broadcast in Argentina from 1967 featuring a band called Los Bestias who clearly were cashing in on The Beatles. Just look at the logo on the bass drum! Their hair and style of dress is also influenced by The Beatles as well as the Rolling Stones and Paul Revere and The Raiders.

The song sounds like typical 1966 Garage Rock! It doesn't have a Beatles sound or any British Invasion feel, at least to me. It really sounds like most other Garage Rock tunes one can hear on the many compilations like Nuggets, Pebbles, or Back From The Grave.

Let's listen to this guitar based very short song sung in English but with a Spanish accent. It's pretty cool!

Rock on!

It's the same all over the world; people love Garage Rock!