Our Plastic Dream - Someone Turned The Light Out

in #music6 months ago

Today we feature a song by Our Plastic Dream called Someone Turned the Light Out. The description calls it Freakbeat and mentions it is from 1967. It has a psychedelic feel and the band is from London which was one of the hotspots for 1967 Psychedelic music along with San Francisco in the US.

The song starts with a bumping heartbeat bass playing quick notes. Then the overdriven guitar comes in, followed by pounding drums. It turns into a stomper with some allusions to The Who. There is a nice guitar break around 1:14 that goes on for a decent amount of time. After that is a somewhat weak bridge, then back to the stomping part.

Meanwhile the video added to this song to make a legit music video was edited by channel owner heavenlyblueorange. It has psychedelic lighting effects, wild dance parties, LSD interludes and general craziness. It adds to the overall appeal though!

Someone Turned The Light Out, Yeah!