Our Plastic Dream - Someone Turned The Light Out, and One More!

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Here's a pop psychedelic tune from swingin' London. Released in 1967, this is an uptempo 4 chord rocker with the typical drums, bass, guitar line up. There's a psychedelic guitar bit in the middle. The singer is pretty good, as are the backing singers.

The person who put this on YouTube used clips from a movie called The Big Cube. This 1969 movie revolves around the use and abuse of LSD, the psychedelic drug, so it fits right in with the song. You can read more about The Big cube on wikipedia here:


Someone Turned The Light Out

Little Bit of Shangi La

Here is another song from 1967 by the same band, Our Plastic Dream. This one is called Little Bit of Shangi La. It's got its moments but I don't think it compares to Someone Turned The Light Out. However the video does show some cool 60s British models!