Psychedelic Feelin' - The Krels

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According to the description the poster added to this video, The Krels were from Alderson West Virginia and they recorded this fun psychedelic stomper in 1967.

There was another WV Garage band I've always liked, Evil Enc.Group. Check that post out too!

So in Psychedelic Feelin' we have a nice 4 chord progression without much distortion on rhythm guitar and a high flying organ part above that. The lyrics are weird and funny. Not really a Psychedelic song though. Just your standard garage rocker. Maybe slightly delic in the bridges.

They don't even sing "psychodelic" - they sing "psychodely!"

Psy cho dell eeey feelin'!

Yeah! Way back in the jungle, way back in the sticks
stood a dignified ape he stood 6 foot 6!
Well he beat on his chest and he jumps up and down,
'cause he caught the fever when he heard our sound!
You get Psy cho dell eeey feelin'!

Yeah now all you girls I say you best stay away
from this mean old ape baby hear what I say!
He's a crazy old ape, yes there's none meaner.
When he hears this sound he's a really tough swinger!
You get Psy cho dell eeey feelin'!

Slightly psychedelic bridge:

Alright here we go!
You get a psychodely feelin'
when you hear the sound it drives you wild!
Psy cho dell eeey feelin'!