Psychedelic Garage - The Nuchez's and The Mind Garage

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Today we'll hear 2 mid 60s records with a psychedelic flavor that just might open up your mind.

The Nunchez's

I have never heard of these guys before but apparently they are from Chicago. Someone (KKat77) commented, saying they were from Antioch, Illinois and the song is from 1965-1966. She also says they played, probably as an opening act, for The Animals. The song could possibly be from 1966 because it is mostly a rave up, similar to what The Yardbirds were doing at that time. But it starts a bit like something from the first Yes album which wasn't out until 69.

We have an organ based tune with double time drums throughout most of it. At 40 seconds in, a fuzzy screaming guitar blasts into your ears. The vocals change from slightly dreamy to emphatic urging to

Open up your mind now!

The Mind Garage

Some say that this is the first Christian Rock band. I'm not hearing it in the music or lyrics. The song breaks into your ears with a distorted guitar playing a chord a few times, then the guitar and organ are playing a 4 chord progression. The description says this is a heavy psych song and the band is from West Virginia recorded in 1968. It does seem like proto-metal music. Also it is rather long, running for just over 5 minutes.

Some lyrics, but most are hard to understand:

Only human nature could feel the way you do.
Running high and cry your eyes out
You brought this thing on you.
I'll tear your pretty clothes off...
Ohhh tomorrow!

There are some guitar breaks and even drum solo bits. It's pretty trippy! And it's not over when you think its over. There is a fade out and then it's back again! Weird and wild!

Open up your mind and consider things they didn't teach you growing up. But be careful. Don't blow your mind!