Rainbow Chaser, by The Troyes! Fast and Fuzzy, Let's Dance! Plus MORE!

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The Troyes

The Troyes were a group of young guys from Michigan who recorded over 20 songs but only 2 45s ever made it to records that were released. Their first and most popular song is Rainbow Chaser which apparently made it all the way up to number 3 on the local Top 40 Record charts! Their follow up is Love Comes, Love Dies.

Rainbow Chaser

We have a great drum beat at a fast pace here. On top of that is a fuzzy guitar and a sweet organ. The singer is pretty cool too. It starts off with pounding drums and explodes into a cool guitar solo at 1:16. You can really move to this so get up and dance!

Rainbow Chaser, Rainbow Chaser! Why do you reach for what's not there? Can't you see that she don't care. You're grabbin' for thing air.
She's made a fool out of you, and there's nothin' you can do. So quit, you know you're through.
You're a Rainbow Chaser, Rainbow Chaser!
You're just a victim of her scheme. She's torn apart your dream. She isn't what she seems.
Her love is only make believe. 'Tis only to deceive. When she's tired of you, she'll leave.
Don't be a Rainbow Chaser, Rainbow Chaser!

Cool guitar solo here!

One day you'll wake and realize, that the love that's in her eyes was only a disguise. Don't hesitate, just say goodbye. Give her time to wonder why. Let her fool some other guy.
Don't be a Rainbow Chaser, Rainbow Chaser, Rainbow Chaser!

LONG outro guitar solo!

#Love Comes. Love Dies

Similar fast beat but much more moody! We have the same cool guitar and organ which is further back in the track here. The singer is in despair here.

Now the world's dark, can't see. Reach out, help me! Black clouds, black skies. Love comes, love dies!

I think it's a decent gloomy moody emo Garage Rock song with a little Psychedelic tinge. The chorus which I quoted above is my favorite part. It has faster chord changes to match the short vocal phrasing. Check it out!

BONUS! The Troyes - Rainbow chaser: Complete recordings 1966-1968

It seems that The Troyes were discovered by Ray Anthony who had recorded the popular TV show songs Dragnet and Peter Gunn Theme. Anthony signed The Troyes to his Space Records label and lots of music was recorded but never released until Cicadelic Records put it out in 2014. Here's all that music to keep you rocking out to The Troyes for hours!

The first few songs are very cool so be sure to listen and see which ones you can dig!