Rare Psychedelic Songs, and Del Shannon?

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Starting in 1966 and going into its heyday in 1967 and a few years beyond, psychedelic music was popular. Today we'll hear 3 songs I had not heard until today while I was browsing YouTube.

Brass Buttons - Hell Will Take Care Of Her

That's a harsh title. Supposedly this band was from Rockin' Rochester and was friends with the (Young) Rascals from the NYC area. This is a bit folk, a bit pop and slightly psychedelic. It has a slight Beatles feel as well. It's guitar and drums and slightly dazed vocals.

As a bonus, the cool Garage Rock YouTube channel heavenlyblueorange used an entertaining video of a brown/red haired young lady doing various things including dancing and drumming. It adds to the value of the video!

Hell will take care of this girl
when it's her time!

Dang, this songwriter was heartbroken and bitter!

Misty Wizards - It's Love

This is breezy uptempo bopper with a psychedelic tinge. The guitar parts are bendy and trippy. Supposedly this band is related to the Spike Drivers and was maybe from Detroit Michigan. Nothing too special but interesting.

Del Shannon - Silver Birch

You may remember Del Shannon from his early 60s hits which I will add after this. But this is from 1967 I believe. It's a little like Some Velvet Morning or similar trippy downer tune. Kind of spooky but fun if you can get into it.

Let's put Del's massive 1961 hit Runaway in here. His cool falsetto voice and the new kind of synth organ thing called a Musictron made this memorable. This video uses scenes from American Graffiti which was a hit movie that featured this song.

Another fun song from Del Shannon is Hat's Off To Larry. I had a friend named Larry who loved this song! It rocks!

So many types of music were in the air in the 60s. Follow as I dig up more of them!


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