SJ and the Crossroads - Darkest Hour

in #music6 months ago

SJ & the Crossroads were a 60s Garage Rock band from Texas and they put out this song called The Darkest Hour in 1966 according to Discogs. If you go there, you can also hear The Darkest Hour Part II which is the same some but instead of a singer, we have a cool organ as the featured instrument up front.

The Darkest Hour is a 4 chord rocker similar to Just Like Me, with a mid tempo that you could certainly dance to. It also has a repeated 4 chord part very similar to what we hear in Twist And Shout, particularly The Beatles version. This is a guitar and organ tune with strong gritty vocals and Texas swagger. It also has a nice short overdriven guitar break. Check it out!

You say you want my love now
You say you'll stay forever
But you let me down girl
and you said that you'd never!
Don't go away girl
because I love you so
I say don't go girl
Don't ever let me go!

In the darkest hour, my heart belongs to you! Oh Yeah!


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