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I was just out and about, listening to Sirius XM radio channel 21, Little Steven's Underground Garage. They actually play the occasional Garage Rock song, maybe once every few hours. Generally it's mostly other weird stuff and some Garage Rock inspired music. Today I heard a song that is new to me called, I Am An Alien by The Contrast. It's pretty cool!

The song starts slow and easy, it doesn't really kick hard until 38 seconds in. This is a 4 chord guitar song with some theremin in there for alien effects. The vocals are decent and the tempo is mid to up tempo. The break in the middle is kind of pop metal but then it goes back to the slow part before the louder guitars come back in to finish out the track.

The video is of the band in the woods and also clips from sci-fi movies from the 50s or 60s. Little Steven chose this as his Coolest Song of the Week back in 2010 when it came out, and I'd have to agree, I can dig it!

Didn't you know that I am an alien,
I am not like you.
Didn't you know that I am an alien,
Didn't think it through!

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