The Defectors!

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Hello music fans! I just discovered a Garage Rock Revival band that is new to me. They are The Defectors from Denmark. They formed in the late 90s and put out 7 albums throughout the 00s so I have a lot more research to do on them!

Here are two songs I really like by The Defectors.

Hey Hey Hey

So this is a very fast Go Go song with guitar and organ and a very gritty vocal but sweet ahh ahh ahh ahh background vocals. The organ is doing an arpeggio very very similar to the one in One Step Closer To You by The Miracle Workers. I have known and loved that song for many years and I'm glad to hear this twist on it.

I want you girl
I need you girl
I want you girl, anyhow!

Let's drop One Step Closer To You by The Miracle Workers in here, for comparison.

It's Gonna Take Some Time

Another great song from The Defectors! There's a slight Walking On The Sun vibe from that song by Smash Mouth. We have guitars and organ again. It's not as fast as Hey Hey Hey but it moves. Both Defectors songs have a guitar break but they are too short and not very creative, but I do like them.

He is apparently singing to a potential girlfriend maybe like the pretty woman in the video.

It's gonna take some time
Take some time to get okay
I'm gonna make her mine!

I'll put Walking On The Sun by Smash Mouth here for you all.

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