The Raven - Calamity Jane

in #music6 months ago

Here's an interesting Garage Rock song called Calamity Jane by The Raven. It starts off with an echoing gunshot followed by some sort of staccato sine wave sounds maybe like a telegraph. The bass and drums fall in, along with a guitar and fuzz guitar. Then the vocals.

Also we have a brass section! Something like you might hear in a Grass Roots hit song from the late 60s. I'm not a fan of those kinds of instruments in Garage Rock songs but it kind of works here.

There's a bridge which sounds like an early 60s / late 50s thing, but with some reverb guitar. After that we have a scream and an organ bit followed by a way too short fuzz guitar bit.

Calamity Jane, that's her name!

What did you think of the video part? Pin up cowgirls! I guess it fits the music.