The Sand Pipers - Stand Up Girl

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Here's another Garage Rock song from 1966 that is new to me. The description says these boys are from Jacksonville FL. Stand Up Girl is a really simple song. Four chords where the first and last are the same, so 3 separate chords. We have a guitar and an organ, both fairly prominent in the mix. The simple drums are also right up there whereas in some Garage Rock songs you can barely hear the drums.

Stand up girl
take it like a man
The way you act up baby
I don't understand!
First you say you love me
Now you've been untrue!
You got me so mixed up
I don't know what to do!

Stand up girl and kiss me before I say goodbye!

Stand up girl before I say good night!

This song by The Sand Pipers barely makes it past 2 minutes. It goes into its final fade out right before the 2 minute mark. It starts with a Heart and Soul piano motif with the guitar and then the organ and drums come right in. There is a pretty nice guitar break in the middle. The guitar is slightly overdriven but mainly just twangy. It goes from 0:50 to 1:15 so about 25 groovy seconds!

Stand up listener, and dance!

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