The Velvet Illusions - Mini Shimmy

in #music6 months ago

We're back in original Garage Rock territory with this 1967 Go Go dance song from The Velvet Illusions. I don't know much about them other than what the description tells me - they are from Yakima, Washington and made this track in 67.

It takes 26 seconds to really get go go going. It's a slow intro before that. But then the tempo speeds and we hear about Mimi Shimmy, a Go Go Dancer. She's a dancing fool who shakes it hot and dances cool! The beat of this song is prime for Go Go dancing, with a fast drum and cool guitar with some organ in the background.

Dance I say!

I met a girl who's name is Mini
The boys all tell me she's a flirt.
With every boy she'll shake and shimmy
Moving while in her mini skirt!

Min ee Shim mee
Shake it Mini
Mini Go Go GO!

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