Hello Everybody.

in #music3 years ago (edited)

I am a Hip Hop Music Producer from Tokyo, Japan. Nice to meet you, people from HIVE!

I recently found out about the Steem takeover, and the hard fork that resulted in this decentralized platform, so I have created a new account here.

From now on, I will be posting some of my music contents here.

By the way, I am also present on LBRY too.


You can use the exact same account you had on Steem also on HIVE. You even should received an airdrop of the exact same amount of STEEM and SBD in HIVE and HBD. No need to start with a new account. I'll give you a little vote from my main account since this account is followed by a vote trail and I use it for curating cool music related posts. Looking forward to your future posts!