Volca Improvisation 2

in #music2 years ago (edited)

September 27, 2020: I have now reposted this track on 3Speak as a video so I don't have to link to my Google Drive. What was I thinking?

I haven't been able to open (let alone post to) Dsound for a number of days, so for now I'm linking audio tracks from my Google Drive. (Once Dsound is back up, or I can otherwise access from my computer, I'll upload this track there and edit this post accordingly.)

Here is a another improvised performance on my Korg Volca Keys analogue synth, with no edits nor overdubs. (There was a series of notes already in sequencer from moments before, but those were improvised too, so there.) This time, I have connected the Volca's headphone output to my laptop's microphone input, and recorded directly into Audacity with no modifications (such as reverb, etc.).



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Always ways to share music even when services are down :) Why don't you create videos out of your track, take some nice picture and make a still video with your audio. In this way you can make use of 3Speak. In my opinion to most stable platform (video/audio) on HIVE, and the most user friendly one.

Thanks for the recommendation! :)

I think that may be my standard procedure moving forward.

Super! :)