Made a Remix for a Challenge, what do you think of it?

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Made a Remix for a Challenge, what do you think of it?

I'm participating in a Remix Challenge in the Beatstars site which consist on taking an acapella of an artist (uploaded by them) and make your own music for it, remixing the vocals as you want, total creativity freedom.

Well this is the first time that I, as ZetaReti Beats take part of a challenge like this. In my previous post I described what I was doing, starting making beats and putting them on sale by this page Beatstars.

How can you make a difference?

The thing is I need votes on my remix so I can at least be on the third place for this challenge. If you want to listen to my entry you could enter in this link and hit VOTE, then it will ask you to login to your twitter account to be able to vote properly.


Do you want to make a remix too?

If you want, in other hand, make your own remix and participate you can do it entering the next link. Read all the details about the challenge to be as clear as water.

Listen to my mix

Listen to my mix entry on YouTube. Link for voting is also on the description. Thanks for reading, listening and if you vote, I love you.

All music, images and video has been made by me.

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Thanks a lot guys! ♥️