Music beats for hip hop and trap artists

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Music beats for hip hop and trap artists.

Right now, I'm creating music tracks that are available online for sale on This project takes the name ZetaReti as the beatmaker, everything is composed by me. The prices are 14,99$ for the single wav or mp3 file and the 69,99$ for the multitrack files for professional mix and master. At this time there are 10 trap beats, I'm working for another 10 hip hop tracks and there are only two licenses for now that is the basic license (wav or mp3 file) and premium (wav, mp3 and multitrack).




In you can stream the music and decide if the beat works for you and also take the best option for you. Soon there will be another licenses like "Exclusive", with which you can be the only one artist with the track if you get it at first.


If you are into hip hop and trap there are different types of tracks, trying to cover a wide angle of trap styles, there's even a track with the vibe of Post Malone.

I'm going to use a guitar on some of the upcoming hip hop tracks. This music project is for comercial purposes and also I'm going to search for local artists to produce this kind of music.


This is my simple setup right now in which I'm creating all the beats. Still living in Medellin, Colombia. Love for all the people that support me and every type of art that I do.

Pictures and art by Kirvic L. Aguilera.
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